NEW! Safety: The Reality and Illusions (For safety meetings)

(45 to 90 minutes)

Save yourselves from another boring Safety Meeting!
Achieve the Impossible

Why endure one more boring safety meeting? Instead, make your next meeting come alive with funny safety speaker Billy Riggs! Safety is the result of proper belief systems – beliefs about your company, your coworkers and the importance of procedures. Internalizing these beliefs, then, is essential to turning an unsafe workplace into one where safety procedures are rigorously maintained. By formulating, nurturing, and communicating the proper belief system, you can quickly inspire and motivate employees and managers to fewer accidents and greater safety. In this hilarious, but provocative combination of classic magic, message and motivation, Billy Riggs explodes the debilitating myths that foster apathy and carelessness, and identifies the cardinal beliefs of truly safe organizations.

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No video of this program exists yet. But soon!