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Billy Riggs PMA

How to Become a Born Leader (Advanced management training for current and future leaders.)

(45 minutes to a full day)

Climb the “Leadership Pyramid” through 6 distinct stages!

Billy Riggs PMA

The Magic of Innovation: Explode the Mental Illusions that Inhibit Creativity!

(60 minutes to a half-day)

Unleash the Creative Brilliance of Your Team Members!

serviceikon2Positively Magical Service! (For Customer Service Managers OR  Front-line Service Providers) Practical, fun and immediately usable!

Three programs to choose from on customer service!

(60 to 180 minutes)

Exploding the Myths that Prevent Superior Service!

PMA IconThe Power of a P.M.A. (Positively Magical Attitude)! (A fun morale boost for all audiences)

(45 to 90 minutes)
Improving Morale and Team Spirit in one fun session!


Achieve the ImpossibleHow to Achieve the Impossible! (Fun, Inspiring, Useful Leadership Training)

(60 to 240 minutes)

Demolishing the false beliefs that prevent managers from producing spectacular results!


Positively Magical SellingPositively Magical Selling (Sales training that’s hilarious, practical and unique!)

(60 to 120 minutes)

Demolishing the psychological barriers that reduce sales, and unleashing the attitudes that makes them soar!

changeiconThe Magic Formula for Mastering Change ( For audiences facing change and needing an attitude adjustment!)

(45 to 90 minutes)

Magically transform change from an enemy to a welcome friend!


billyikon4gGrand Illusions  (For all audiences)

(60 to 90 minutes)

Shatter life’s 3 grandest illusions, and unleash your most productive you!



BalanceiconThe Magic of Balance (For all audiences.)

(45 to 75 minutes)

Preventing and Recovering from Burnout Can Be a Real Trick!

billyikon5The Magic of Serving (For caregivers, public servants and philanthropic nonprofits)

(45 to 90 minutes)

For all who serve others out of the limelight.


Safety ProgramNEW! Safety: The Reality and Illusions (For safety meetings)

(45 to 90 minutes)

Save yourselves from another boring Safety Meeting!


EnticonPure Entertainment Program (Squeaky Clean! For all audiences)

(30 to 75 minutes)
Las Vegas-quality magic and uproarious comedy!



MLMiconThe Magic of Multilevel Marketing  (For Network Marketing companies when you need a fun, practical keynote to inspire the troops anew.)

(45 to 90 minutes)
Network marketing magic makes down-lines explode!


EdiconclassifiedThe Magic of Education! (For Classified Staff or All School Employees)

(30 to 120 minutes)
Start or end your school year right (or give them a lift in the middle of the year)!




Edicon3Positively Magical Teaching! (For Teachers and Certified Staff)

(60 to 180 minutes)
Practical teacher training that will be immediately useful!



Magic of Teamwork iconThe Magic of Teamwork

(Up to 6 hours)
Turn your staff into a team in one fun day!!



Seminaricon2Breakout Seminar Topics


Click below to explore the breakout seminars Billy Riggs can do for your group before or after his keynote! (Some are half-day to full-day trainings done  in lieu of a keynote.)

Breakout Seminars by Billy Riggs