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Grand Illusions, Grander Realities (Motivational Audio CD)

Improving Self-Esteem - False perceptions of reality, most of them buried in the subconscious mind, constitute life's singl ...


How to INSPIRE Magical Customer Service – For Managers (Motivational Audio CD)

For Managers! - Today’s market is more competitive than ever before, and successful businesses know that the least expens ...


How to PROVIDE Magical Customer Service – For Front-line Employees (Motivational Audio CD)

For Employees! - Today’s market is more competitive than ever before, and wise employees know that the best way to guaran ...


Positively Magical Attitudes!

If you didn't get a chance to catch this program when it aired on PBS, you can purchase it and watch it over and over! Bill ...



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Please purchase this for $1244 (it will automatically add $6 for "shipping" ) and you will be billed via PayPal for $1250. ...


Why You Do the Things You Do… and How to STOP Doing Them! (Helpful Audio CD)

Personal Improvement - Self-destructive behavior is the inevitable result of pretense. Driven by a single dominant emotion ...


How to Drive Yourself… without Driving Yourself Crazy! (Inspirational Audio CD)

Total Life Balance – The inherent danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motiv ...



PRE-ORDER BOOK NOW: The Magic Touch! The Art of Amazing & Dazzling Your Customer

Billy Riggs has completed been working on his newest book, The Magic Touch!, for 2 years and is delighted to announce that ...

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The Magic of Attitude (Motivational Audio CD)

Positive Mental Attitude - The single most important factor in your success and happiness is attitude. A positive attitude ...


MEGATUDES! 12 Critical Attitudes that Will Shape Your Future

NOW IN ITS FOURTH PRINTING! Life is attitude, so attitudes are of MEGA-importance. (Watch a 90-second vide ...


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