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COMING IN 2018: Wowmanship©: The Art of Wowing Your Customer

Billy Riggs and his good friend, Bruce Loeffler (formerly of Disney World™), have been working on Wowmanship© for 2 year ...

FLASH DRIVE with 8 audio messages and 2 books!

Almost everything Billy has produced (even sold out items!) on one 4 GB flash drive! EIGHT of his most popular messages, pl ...


Grand Illusions, Grander Realities (Motivational Audio CD)

Improving Self-Esteem - False perceptions of reality, most of them buried in the subconscious mind, constitute life's singl ...


How to INSPIRE Magical Customer Service – For Managers (Motivational Audio CD)

For Managers! - Today’s market is more competitive than ever before, and successful businesses know that the least expens ...


How to PROVIDE Magical Customer Service – For Front-line Employees (Motivational Audio CD)

For Employees! - Today’s market is more competitive than ever before, and wise employees know that the best way to guaran ...


MEGATUDES! 12 Critical Attitudes that Will Shape Your Future

NOW IN ITS THIRD PRINTING! Life is attitude, so attitudes are of MEGA-importance. (Watch a 90-second video ...


Positively Magical Attitudes!

If you didn't get a chance to catch this program when it aired on PBS, you can purchase it and watch it over and over! Bill ...



Protected: Special Order

Please purchase this for $1244 (it will automatically add $6 for "shipping" ) and you will be billed via PayPal for $1250. ...


The Magic of Sales DVD

Sales Training - Effective selling is the result of accurate beliefs: beliefs about the sales process, the client and onese ...


Why You Do the Things You Do… and How to STOP Doing Them! (Helpful Audio CD)

Personal Improvement - Self-destructive behavior is the inevitable result of pretense. Driven by a single dominant emotion ...


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