Positively Magical Selling (Sales training that’s hilarious, practical and immediately helpful!)

(60 to 120 minutes)

Demolishing the psychological barriers that limit salespeople, and unleashing the attitudes that makes them soar!

Effective selling is the result of accurate beliefs – beliefs about the marketplace, your prospects, lead generation, clients, and yourself. Consequently, your greatest obstacles to stratospheric sales success are your illusions, faulty beliefs that lurk in the subconscious mind to lower self-confidence, undermine motivation, and reduce closing ratios. In this fascinating combination of classic magic, humor, and education, professional illusionist Billy Riggs helps eliminate these psychological glass ceilings, propelling your sales force to more leads, higher sales and greater profits. Billy Riggs is a hilarious motivational speaker and magician, and your people will talk about him the whole year!

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Billy will light a fire under you that won’t burn out, using his suggested techniques in selling. He is wonderful. He is a master! Gaylene Higgins, Salesperson, JPS Carpets

If this man’s name is not a household word in sales training, he should be! I ACTUALLY – AFTER A LIFETIME – I GOT IT! No name given, PFW Systems

I have sat through two of Mr. Riggs’ speaking events. Because of the “Grand Illusions” message my sales and attitude have sky-rocketed! Cyminthia Rogers, Sales Manager, NFC Marketing, Dallas, Texas

The very best motivational program I’ve ever attended. Spectacular! A clear message through “disillusionment” gave our team a key tool for the toolbox. Michael Conners, National VP of Sales, Brunswick Marine

Excellent presentation! The best motivational program I’ve ever attended! Spot on with sales examples and you really spoke to all of us on improvements and being proactive in our life! Thank you! Thomas James, Sales Manager, CDI Electronics


A short clip explaining Grand Illusion #3 of Sales (out of 5)

A short clip explaining how franchising is the closest thing to magic in business

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