I am working on a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Two hours with Billy was worth 12+ hours of credit in graduate studies! [Billy Riggs] is college professor material!

– Kay Lawrence, Teacher, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

I have attended scores of motivational speeches. WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU ARE LIGHT-YEARS AHEAD OF EVERYONE!

– Allen B. Pease, Attorney, Black and Veatch Engineers

Fantastic! Right when I needed it. Couldn’t be better! I’ve trained thousands of speakers over the past 20 years and I can be very critical, but you are bar-none the best speaker I’ve ever heard!

– Terry Horton, Engineer and Consultant, FTN Environmental Associates, Little Rock, Arkansas

Captivating, informative and fun! The best thing I’ve seen in my whole entire life! I’ve been attending conferences for 30 years and hearing high- powered speakers. Billy Riggs is the best!

– Bob Hughes, News Reporter, Pioneer Press, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

If you have not heard Billy Riggs, you have not heard the best inspirational speaker of our times.

– Roger Symonds, Superintendent of Facilities, Saranac Public Schools, Saranac, New York

Billy is a freakin’ rock star! Awesome stage presence!

– Mark Leidheisel, Senior Vice-President, Wells Fargo, Sacramento, California

Terrific! Very entertaining and motivational. Several of my key people who have been with me 8 or 9 years sought me out to tell me that yours was the best program we’ve ever had at our conference. I’m not just blowing smoke – I agree with them!

– Gary Pincock, CEO, American Cancer Society Pennsylvania Region

This may be the first testimonial letter I’ve written in 15 years of picking speakers for our national meetings (we do three a year). You absolutely nailed it for us! The audience (after a late night and long day) was with you every step of the way, and two curtain calls from 1000 people sums it all up.

– Joseph H. Bourdow, President, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems

In my seventeen years as a rally producer, a speaker’s bureau and a full-time career planner for major heavyweights in the speaking industry, I’ve never seen so much talent rolled up into one person as I have with Billy Riggs. Billy has the ability to be as inspirational as Zig Ziglar, as analytical as Stephen Covey, and as entertaining as David Copperfield all at the same time.

– Juanell Teague, Business Coach to the Speaking Industry

For more than fifty years I’ve worked with and heard almost every tremendous speaker in America. I rate Billy Riggs as one of the top five speakers in America. Billy is a total communicator. He’s entertaining, he’s knowledgeable, he’s fun, he’s thought-provoking. He’s the only speaker I’ve ever heard who recordings I’ve listened to more than ten times. The first time I heard Billy Riggs I spent eighteen hundred dollars on recordings of his speeches to give to friends.

– Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Member of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame

Billy Riggs is different from other speakers because he deals with all facets of life: personal life, family life, business life. A lot of speakers are one- dimensional, but Billy is so versatile that he deals in a number of dimensions, which makes it easy for him to communicate with all ages and types of people. He’s a marvelous teacher, and he’s serious about what he is doing, but he’s also hilarious, and that’s important because people learn things faster and remember it longer when humor is mixed with it. He doesn’t come to entertain; he comes to inform, but his magic enhances the informational part of his program. The magic is simply the method he uses to get people’s attention. It opens up their minds and they become receptive to his message. He instructs and informs as he entertains and inspires.

– Zig Ziglar, Greatest Motivational Speaker of All Time