If your group or organization holds a decent number of seminars over the course of the year, you may find that some other motivational speakers have just about the same thing to say every time. They could be talking to five other companies that do five completely different things and they would still use the same material each time. So who’s to say that Billy Riggs will be any different?

Well believe it or not, we’re telling you the truth when we say that your experience with Billy will be like nothing else you’ve ever been a part of. Besides the fact that he is so much more than your average motivational speaker, Billy also takes the time to ensure that he is as familiar with your organization as possible.

To start, an in-depth questionnaire will be conducted to gather as much information about your particular industry and audience as possible. Then later on, a telephone appointment with the person of your choosing will be done to stamp out the final details.

There have been many instances where audience members were absolutely convinced that Billy was a part of the organization simply because of his level of knowledge on it! We make sure that all of our bases are covered to ensure that the fun, original and educational performance you hoped for is exactly what you get!

Written by Billy Riggs