The Magic of Education!  (For Classified Staff or All School Employees)


The staff and faculty of exemplary schools hold a set of core beliefs in common – beliefs about students, learning, work and themselves. Internalizing these beliefs, then, is essential to effective education. By formulating, nurturing and communicating the proper belief system, you can quickly drive your classroom, school or district to exemplary status. In this hilarious, but provocative combination of magic, message and motivation, Billy Riggs demolishes the debilitating myths that render schools ineffective, and identifies the cardinal realities of education. Custodians, teachers, office staff and administrators will be moved to tears by inspiring stories and leave with sore cheeks from laughing so much! Highly fun, deeply inspiring and completely helpful!

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Positively Magical Teaching! (For Teachers and Certified Staff)


Remarkably effective educators hold a set of beliefs in common – beliefs about themselves, students and education. Nurturing these beliefs, then, is essential to propelling your district or school to exemplary status. In a hilarious blend of comedy and entertainment, world-class illusionist Billy Riggs (M.R.E., M.Div.) reveals the secrets of transforming the lives of students. Practical tools useful in engaging students, arousing their thirst for knowledge and holding their attention are among many practical takeaways. An inspiring and fun program that will leave your people with sides splitting and hearts afire!

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How to Achieve the Impossible (Administrator and Board Inspiration)

(60 to 180 minutes)

Demolishing the misconceptions that prevent educational leaders from producing spectacular results!

Extraordinary success is the result of extraordinary leadership. In this powerful presentation, magician Billy Riggs impresses leaders and managers with the core beliefs held by all remarkably successful leaders, and shatters the illusions that limit growth. This presentation is perfect for leadership or board training and is entertaining, motivational and highly practical. Learn how your organization can achieve the impossible from a master of the impossible!

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Beyond Belief (formerly “The Magic of Believing”) (For Students)


A funny, magical and life changing program for YOUTH (ages middle school through high school). Teenagers are disarmed with comedy and illusion while moving “Beyond Belief” to heart knowledge and application of life’s 5 most important attitudes.

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The Magic Ingredients!  (For School Nutrition Workers)


There is a magic formula for success, and the recipe calls for a concoction of 12 secret ingredients stirred into a delicious and satisfying whole. Teaching these qualities is essential to building good leaders and happy, efficient workers. By formulating and nurturing the proper belief system, you can galvanize your school nutrition staff to provide exemplary service to the students, faculty and each other. Better yet, you’ll increase their job satisfaction and improve their attitudes!

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