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Billy Riggs PMA

How to Become a Born Leader (Advanced management training for current and future leaders.)

(45 minutes to a full day)

Climb the “Leadership Pyramid” through 6 distinct stages!

“A vision that is taught, but not caught, is drudgery.  A vision that is caught, but not taught, is anarchy.  A vision that is both caught and taught is victory.” – Billy Riggs

serviceikon2The Magic Touch (For Customer Service Managers OR  Front-line Service Providers) Practical, fun and immediately usable!

Three programs to choose from on customer service based on Billy’s Book!

(60 to 180 minutes)

Transform every customer interaction into a Magic Touch!

“The quality of your service will either make your customers happy or your competitors even happier. You choose.” – Billy Riggs

PMA IconThe Power of a P.M.A. (Positively Magical Attitude)! (A fun morale boost for all audiences)

(45 to 90 minutes)
Improving Morale and Team Spirit in one fun session!

“The magic of attitude is that there’s nothing magic about it at all. It’s a simple cause and effect: when you have a great attitude, it improves how you feel, what you do and how others respond to you.” – Billy Riggs

Achieve the ImpossibleHow to Achieve the Impossible! (Fun, Inspiring, Useful Leadership Training)

(60 to 240 minutes)

Demolishing the false beliefs that prevent managers from producing spectacular results!

“Impossible usually means no one has thought creatively enough, believed passionately enough, or worked diligently enough to achieve a goal.” – Billy Riggs

changeiconThe Magic Formula for Mastering Change ( For audiences facing change and needing an attitude adjustment!)

(45 to 90 minutes)

Magically transform change from an enemy to a welcome friend!

“It’s easier to complain and sit still than to change and fight your way forward. So guess which one most people choose?” – Billy Riggs

BalanceiconThe Magic of Balance (For all audiences.)

(45 to 75 minutes)

Preventing and Recovering from Burnout Can Be a Real Trick!

“Joy is the result of maintaining a careful balance between character, relationships, achievement, purpose and attitude.” – Billy Riggs

billyikon5The Magic of Serving (For caregivers, public servants and philanthropic nonprofits)

(45 to 90 minutes)

For all who serve others out of the limelight.

“Even when you’re not in love with your job, you can still be in love with the reason you do it.” – Billy Riggs

EnticonPure Entertainment Program (Squeaky Clean! For all audiences)

(30 to 75 minutes)
Las Vegas-quality magic and uproarious comedy!

Positively Magical Selling Practical, fun and immediately usable!

Unleash the full potential of your sales team in a fun and transformational program!

(60 to 180 minutes)

Make new sales appear out of thin air!

“Learn how to generate so many leads you couldn’t possibly follow up on all of them!” – Billy Riggs

EdiconclassifiedThe Magic of Education! (For Classified Staff or All School Employees)

(30 to 120 minutes)
Start or end your school year right (or give them a lift in the middle of the year)!

“One of the great tragedies of education is that we have taught kids how to make a living, but have made it illegal to teach them how to live.” – Billy Riggs

Edicon3Positively Magical Teaching! (For Teachers and Certified Staff)

(60 to 180 minutes)
Practical teacher training that will be immediately useful!

“There is a huge difference between a teacher and a lecturer. You can give a great lecture in an empty classroom, but you can’t teach in one.” – Billy Riggs

Billy Riggs PMA

The Magic of Innovation: Explode the Mental Illusions that Inhibit Creativity!

(60 minutes to a half-day)

Unleash the Creative Brilliance of Your Team Members!

“The key to innovation is the willingness to fail. Repeatedly.” – Billy Riggs

Seminaricon2Breakout Seminar Topics

Click below to explore the breakout seminars Billy Riggs can do for your group before or after his keynote! (Some are half-day to full-day trainings done  in lieu of a keynote.)

Breakout Seminars by Billy Riggs