Spectacular, awesome, extraordinary, entertaining, enlightening, grand are just a few of the words I would choose to describe your presentation! Suzanne Hungerford, Meeting Planner, State Farm Insurance

An incredible blend of message and magic is the best way to describe Billy’s presentation. He has a solid message that is unquestionably the primary purpose of his presentation. However, the excitement of magic, moment by moment, enhances his presentation and delivers what an audience thrives on, content. Ed Griffin, Former CEO, Meeting Professionals, International, Dallas, Texas

By far the BEST keynote speaker our association has ever had! Never has our group enjoyed a speaker who held their attention and excitement so extraordinarily! Andy Imholte, Director, Minnesota State Auctioneers Association

Billy’s show was entertaining and informative. My members were INCREDIBLY impressed, and ready to hire Billy for their own groups. Kathy Hughes, Executive Director, On-Hold Messaging Association

Incredible! Billy doesn’t just hold the audience in the palm of his hands, he grabs them, shakes them, spins them around, and sets them down in a new and better place. Donna Whiteaker, Meeting Planner, Methodist Healthcare Ministries

I’ve been training real estate salespeople for 25 years. Never have I seen a speaker that packs the incredible punch of electrifying entertainment along with life-changing inspiration the way Billy does!  Terry Weaver, President, Master Sales Institute, South Carolina

Excellent presentation! It kept me on the edge of my seat watching Billy perform. It even touched my heart! Cindy Wickstrom, Associational Executive, Michigan State Medical Society

Congratulations! Some of my toughest customers just ran up to me and said you were the best presentation we’ve ever had at our convention! Mary Mycka, Meeting Planner, TempNet, Des Moines, Iowa

Billy really moved me and I enjoyed his session the most of the entire conference. Carrie Braxton, Tradeshow and Event Planner, Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau

He was hilarious, inspiring, awesome, and touching! Billy Riggs recognized our pains and trials and lifted us up. His thought-provoking session left our members on the edges of their seats. Kara Lacke, Meeting Planner, Association of Texas Professional Educators

Outstanding show and message! Truly excellent! Janet Ormsby, Senior Meeting Planner, Michigan Credit Union League

Great balance of entertainment and motivation. Wonderful speaking style! Rachel Hilla, Association Management Resources

The participants have resoundingly stated that yours was the best program ever at our conference! Michael J. Mazur, Jr., Executive Director, Society of Corporate Meeting Planners

Billy Riggs captivates his audience with both his charisma and his wisdom. Joyfully, they take away his sense of purpose and wonder. John Maisel, President, Maisel Events, Houston, Texas

You put the WOW in our conference! No one – absolutely no one – left the room during your presentation. You had them truly captured! Karen Bradley Burnett, Meeting Planner, American Feed Industry Association

You were a huge success! One of the best meetings we’ve ever presented. I will sing your praises at every opportunity. Steven G. Foster, VP of Programs, Meeting Professionals International, Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter

Wonderful, engaging motivational speaker! 5 Stars!!! Cathleen Strong, Association Resource Management

Educational and entertaining – makes the information being shared easier to remember and relate to. Mary Spence, Events Manager, City of Schertz, Texas

You kept our attendees alert and engaged, and the illusions helped get your message across. You were the perfect opening for our convention! We also received rave reviews about your break-out session. JJ Fox, Annual Conference Co-Chair, Meeting Professionals, International, Oregon Chapter

Fun, educational, and thought provoking. Kevin M. McNally, CMP, Director of Conventions, Starwood Hotel and Resorts, The Westin Chicago North

I don’t know where to begin to thank you for being the M.C. for our Awards Banquet! You were serious when needed and then quick as one of your illusions evoked gales of laughter. You were the highlight of the evening. Janet Blomquist, President, Meeting Professionals, International, Hill Country Chapter, Texas

Wonderful presentation! Billy was able to weave our organization’s priorities, challenges, and goals into his magic. Juanita McKee, Contract Specialist and Meeting Planner, U.S. Department of Defense

Billy was a hit. Our theme was the Magic of Family Medicine and he made me look great as a meeting planner. This was our first time to offer entertainment during our banquet so I was a little anxious about the change, but our doctors loved it. The afternoon show he presented to our families was funny and very entertaining. I enjoy working with speakers who are versatile and willing to work to make your meeting the best it can be. Beth Embry, Meeting Planner, Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians