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ServEssentials (PDF eBook)

(29 pages) Written by Bruce Loeffler and Billy Riggs, ServEssentials is a simple, easy-to-read employee manual on service ...


So Forgettable (mp3 song file)

Christopher Nolan and Denita Asberry team up to impersonate Nat "King" and Natalie Cole in this hilarious parody (written b ...



Protected: Special Order for WACO

Please purchase this for $350 and when you get to the PayPal page, you will be afforded the option of entering your credit ...


The Wind Between My Cheeks (mp3 file)

Shirley U. Jest didn't want her picture here, but sounds exactly like Bette Midler in this hilarious parody of "The Wind Be ...


To All the Girls I Could Have Loved (mp3 file)

Larry G. Jones sings both parts (Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias) in this hilarious parody of "To All the Girls I've Loved ...


Why You Do the Things You Do… and How to STOP Doing Them! (Helpful Audio CD)

Personal Improvement - Self-destructive behavior is the inevitable result of pretense. Driven by a single dominant emotion ...


You Clog Up My Senses (mp3 song file)

Larry G. Jones sings a parody of John Denver's "Annie's Song," but with a hilarious twist!Click above to listen. L ...


You Dried Up My Life (mp3 song file)

Bethany Owen sounds JUST LIKE Debbie Boone as she sings Billy Riggs' parody of the song, "You Dried Up My Life." C ...


You Make Me Feel Like Dung (.mp3 file)

Ryan Baker sounds JUST LIKE Frank Sinatra as he sings the Billy Riggs' parody song, "You Make Me Feel So Young." Cl ...


How to Drive Yourself… without Driving Yourself Crazy! (Inspirational Audio CD)

Total Life Balance – The inherent danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motiv ...


The Magic of Attitude (Motivational Audio CD)

Positive Mental Attitude - The single most important factor in your success and happiness is attitude. A positive attitude ...


The Magic Touch! Positively Extraordinary Customer Service (PAPERBACK BOOK)

NEW!  Billy Riggs has completed been working on his newest book, The Magic Touch!, for 2 years and is delighted to announ ...


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