Friends in Law Places (mp3 file)

Friends in Law Places (mp3 file)

Friends in Law Places (mp3 file)



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Dave Russell impersonates Garth Brooks in Billy Riggs hilarious parody of “Friends in Low Places.”

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(Parody lyrics by Billy Riggs) Parody of “Friends in Low Places” by Dewayne
Blackwell, Earle Bud Lee, Cross Keys Publishing/ASCAP. Dave Russell, Impersonator

Over twelve hundred bucks

For a white dress and tux

And two thousand more for the band.

A fortune on rings,

Flowers and things

And a honeymoon near seven grand.

But the money you spent

To get yourself into

this marriage is a small amount

When compared to

What it’s gonna cost you

To get yourself out!


‘Cause I’ve got friends in law places

Where my cut-throat lawyer’s worked out one hellacious settlement

To take every cent.

When that gavel drops you’ll be stunned and dazed,

‘Cause I’ll get everything, plus your future wages!

Oh, I’ve got friends in law places.

We’ve made our demands.

Now, it’s out of our hands.

The courts must decide what will be.

Then all of our stuff must be divvied up

as per our divorce decree.

I want to be fair.

I just want my share,

Plus, for my pain, a bit more.

That’s why I’ve asked the judge to give me my half,

And then throw in yours!


I’ve got friends in law places

Where attorneys say that our legal case has now been reviewed,

And you’re really screwed!

Let me translate all of those Latin phrases:

Of the dough you’ve made there’ll be no traces!

‘Cause, I’ve got friends in law places.

(Repeat 2.5 times)