So Forgettable (mp3 song file)

DeNita Asberry

DeNita Asberry

So Forgettable (mp3 song file)



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Christopher Nolan and Denita Asberry team up to impersonate Nat “King” and Natalie Cole in this hilarious parody (written by Billy Riggs) or “Unforgettable.”

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(Parody lyrics by Billy Riggs) Parody of “Unforgettable” by Gordon Irving, Bourne
Co./ASCAP. Christopher P. Nolan and DeNita Asberry, Impersonators

So forgettable, that’s what you are.

More forgettable, since our divorce.

Valentine’s no longer reminds of you,

but April First and Halloween still do.

You’re in the past, and you’re fading fast.


So forgettable, in every way.

More forgettable with each new day.

Years with you are now regrettable

But memories are not indelible

Especially of so-forgettable you.


Reprehensible. That says it all.

And contemptible, if I recall.

I’ve faced your worst and somehow gotten through.

Despite it I’ve almost forgotten you.

I’ve left you behind. You’re slipping my mind.


So incapable were you in bed

Unawake-able, like you were dead!

That’s why darling, you’re replaceable,

Not to mention quite un-date-able.

And your new love is inflatable, too!

I’ve left you behind. You’re slipping my mind.


Ohhh… so forgettable, old what’s-your-name.

Fuzzy images of you remain.

Your ugly mug makes me upsettable,

but photographs are oh, so shreddable.

Especially of so-forgettable you.