You Make Me Feel Like Dung (.mp3 file) ...

You Make Me Feel Like Dung (.mp3 file)

You Make Me Feel Like Dung (.mp3 file)


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Ryan Baker sounds JUST LIKE Frank Sinatra as he sings the Billy Riggs’ parody song, “You Make Me Feel So Young.” Click above to listen. Lyrics below. Email it to your Ex to let them know EX-actly how you feel!

Purchase this song for 99 cents and you may download it right away! (If you experience any difficulties with the download, email us at downloads [at symbol] and we’ll email the song to you.)

(Parody Lyrics by Billy Riggs) Parody of “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Mack
Gordon, Joseph Myrow, WB Music Corp./ASCAP. Ryan Baker, Impersonator

You make me feel like dung.
You treated me like lowlife scum.
So when I hear you’re miserable,
I’m such a happy individual.

You make me feel like dirt,
You put me through a world of hurt.
So when you’re having trouble, dear,
I smile from ear to ear!

You and I were a fling I shouldn’t have flung.
Living with you has taught me
Just why animals eat their young!

You make me feel like dung,
You make me feel there are blues to be sung,
Necks to be wrung and fistfuls of mud to be slung!
And even when I’m ninety-two,
I’m gonna curse the day we said, “I Do,”
‘Cause you make me feel like dung!

Written by Billy Riggs


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