How to Permanently Improve Your Life! (50 to 90 mins)

Revealing the Secrets of Permanent Change!
Permanently Improve Your Life

Forging lasting changes in one’s habit patterns towers as one of life’s most formidable challenges. Ingrained tendencies toward insecurity, tardiness, laziness, overeating, lack of confidence, anger, and a host of other weaknesses resist all attempts at remedy. Now, Billy Riggs reveals the six essential elements of lasting life change. Laugh while you learn how to produce a metamorphosis in your life!

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How to Drive Yourself without Driving Yourself Crazy! (45 to 60 mins)

Keeping Life in Balance Can Be a Real Trick!

How to Drive Yourself

The inherent danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motivated by obsession or necessity, the driven worker is in jeopardy of losing family, integrity, health, and happiness. By internalizing the four core values of character, intimacy, achievement, and reliance, you will harness the power of an integrated life and move beyond survival to success and balance. You will discover how to “Drive Yourself Without Driving Yourself (or those around you) Crazy.”

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How to Start an Epidemic… w/o Becoming a Plague! (50 to 180 mins)

Demolishing the Mental Barriers that Hold Leaders Back!

EpidemicCD-smallRemarkably effective managers hold a set of core beliefs in common – beliefs about people, about business and about themselves. Teaching these beliefs, then, is essential to training good managers. By formulating, nurturing and communicating the proper belief system, you can quickly achieve the total goal ownership necessary for immediate and spectacular success. In this provocative message, Billy Riggs explodes the debilitating myths that render leaders ineffective and identifies eight to twelve (depending on the length of time available) essential qualities of remarkably effective leaders.

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The Magic of Teamwork

Turn your staff into a team in one fun day!
(Up to 6 hours)

Magic of Teamwork icon

The DiSC™ personality profile represents the gold standard in corporate team-building. When blended with Billy Riggs’ comedic and magical skills, audience participation, and group interaction, the results are hilarious and life-changing. Transform your staff into a team in one fun day! Better yet, Billy follows up the program with weekly emails to your staff to refresh their memories and reinforce lessons learned.
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The Magic Touch!

Customer Service training that’s fun and practical.
(Up to 6 hours)

Magic Touch Icon

Raise the bar on customer service in a fun and magical day (or half-day)! Billy Riggs trains your team to engage customers, make great first impressions, turn satisfied customers into loyal ones, and how to disarm angry people. This program contains little magic (unless you request otherwise) focusing on customer service and communication skills. Great for front-line workers and supervisors who oversee service providers. Click on the “Download Full Description” for a full detailed description of content covered. You’ve seldom laughed so hard – or learned so much – as you will in discovering how to provide The Magic Touch.
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How to Read Your Client’s Mind (Advanced Sales Training)

(90 minutes to 6 hours)

Revolutionary training for the sales professional who’s heard it all!

Negotiating and selling would be easy… if you could read minds! Potential clients frequently conceal ulterior motives, hidden agendas and secret fears that unnecessarily complicate the sales process. When salespeople cannot quickly discern a customer’s specific needs and wants, valuable time is wasted and sales are lost. Watch world-class illusionist Billy Riggs perform astounding feats of “mind-reading” on audience members and then listen as he reveals the closely-guarded secrets of leading psychics and mediums, enabling you to know what your customers (or kids, or employees!) are really thinking and why they do what they do. Predict and influence the future by learning the tricks of the psychics’ trade!

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Watch master illusionist explain how great salespeople are like “psychics.”

How to Become a Born Leader

Undergo the Magical Transformation from Mere Boss to Genuine Leader!
(Up to 6 hours)

Boss to Leader Icon

Genuine leaders cast an almost magical spell over others, one that goes beyond the power to hire and fire, promote or demote, reward or punish. The wand they wield is influence, the ability to use visionary thinking, character and personal charisma to inspire loyalty, trust, and action. Learn the six distinct stages that guide managers along the path from mere boss to true leader.
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HOSPITALS: No Illusions about HCAHPS

Learn the truth about HCAHPS and how to prepare for it!
(Up to 3 Hours)


Harbor no illusions: HCAHPS will make or break thousands of hospitals in the coming years. Changes in the way the federal government reimburses hospitals for Medicare and Medicaid will doom some healthcare institutions, while catapulting others to new heights. The only way to prepare your hospital or clinic for the impact of HCAHPS is to face reality: customer service is no longer merely a nicety; it is your key to survival. In a fun half-day, Billy Riggs brings your people up-to-speed and prepares them to take advantage of – instead of being victimized by – HCAHPS.
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