Often when I am asked to speak at a keynote or seminar, it’s because the groups and organizations believe that I can help motivate them into taking their lives and performances to new heights. But when you’re already in a negative state of mind, it’s often difficult to take guidance from someone who’s just speaking at you. It seems more like a lecture than a means for motivation.

While humor isn’t necessarily going to deter all of those negative emotions you have, it does have a way of increasing your ability to focus on the positive. This works when the positive emotions that you are feel after laughter help to battle the negative emotions that may still be lingering from other stress factors.

The fact that I can offer my audience some form of entertainment ensures that they will be more receptive to listening to my message. It’s much easier to get your point across when you are delivering the message in a way that others are willing to receive it. How many of you are going to be interested in hearing anything I have to say if I’m just standing in front of you, throwing facts left and right? Probably not too many. You can be sure that I will be able to captivate any group in a way that no one else ever could!